DoubleRecall got funded

We had first implementations in the US and things are also running very good in Europe. There was some nice initial traction to show to our seed investors.

Today we went forward with the announcement of the funding and the YC affiliation. You can read more about it on TechCrunch.

We got funding from some prominent international venture capital firms, some of which will also be playing the role of strategic partners in the publishing and advertising industry.

Our investors/partners Digital Garage of Japan, released their statement today on the partnership.

TimeKiwi left the building

TimeKiwi was our little side project that enabled anyone to create a beautiful timeline of his social networks in seconds.

After we launched it for the second time in a totally revamped version it got lots of attention and press and finally caught the eye of the people over at OverBlog.

We agreed that they acquire it as we continue to focus 100% on DoubleRecall which is making ripples throughout the publishing industry.

You can read more about the acquisition on TechCrunch.

DoubleRecall is in the finals of the Start:Up Slovenia competition

DoubleRecall, a project by CodeArtists, has been selected as one of the finalists in the Start:Up Slovenia competition.

We’re happy to be recognized as part of the Slovenian start-up community. We are falling and getting back on our feet every day while learning the twists and turns of being young enterpreneurs.

We’re tying to hack the market with some fresh approaches while getting stronger and smarter every day. If you feel the desire breathe with us, please let us know.

Be sure to check out Start:Up official page to learn more about this (in Slovene language).

CodeArtists invited to Y Combinator S11 interview!

CodeArtists team was invited today, to discuss DoubleRecall in an interview at Y Combinator.

This is a first for the Slovenian startup community and for us all. We’re extremely proud about this achievement. We know this is only a first of many steps for us. There are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants and our team was selected among few other most promising teams from all over the world.

Y Combinator is probably the most renowned seed-stage startup funding firm in the world. It’s based in Silicon Valley.

We worked really hard with DoubleRecall and we’re thrilled to bring it to the global market with the help of some of the best startup people out there. We know that it will be hard work, but we are looking forward to breathe in some fresh knowledge and guidance from Paul Graham and the rest of the Y Combinator team.

Today was a hard working day like every other, but we’re happy with that. We do all of these things, because we believe in them.

Rok G and Robert also did an amazing job for DoubleRecall today in Paris, presenting the solution to a gathering of Europe’s most premium financial publisers. In the meanwhile Rok K was working on PR and launch of in the Tehnopolis office, alongside Miha, who created another DoubleRecall transformer page for a Finnish magazine.

We’re a strong team and all good friends. We can’t wait to show our best in the US and make DoubleRecall a huge success.